Different body shapes – and which swimwear to choose!

As the saying goes – you are what you wear. But what you wear isn’t an easy task. Most apparel depends on your body shape – and all bodies are different, in fact, no two are the same! Here are some of the main body shapes – and what to wear and avoid wearing…

Swimwear For Pear Shape

If you have large hips and a tiny bust, it’s likely that you have a pear body shape. This shape is also sometimes known as the triangle shape. If this is you, your body has a very well-defined shape and shows off curves well!

What to wear?

Pear shapes should wear bright and beautiful scoop-neck and boat-neck tops, as they will make your shoulders look wider. Wearing a pushup or padded bra can help to make your upper body and lower body look balanced. But you cannot wear all types of cuts and patterns. Avoid wearing tight skirts!

Swimwear For Apple Shape

If you have a larger bust than your hips, undefined waist, round shoulders with slimmer legs and arms – then you are what is called an ‘apple’ shape.

What to wear?

Apples should wear A-line dresses, tops with cuff sleeves, V-necks and ruched t shirts. Well defined shouldered blazers and summer jackets will suit your upper half, with boot-cut and flared jeans with back pockets will give more definition to your hips! Remember to wear wedges and platform heels to elongate those pins. Avoid tight fitted clothing and skinny jeans…

Swimwear For Hourglass Shape

Like Jessica Rabbit, your bum and boobs are perfectly balanced and your waist is cinched in. With slightly rounded shoulders and legs that are in proportion to your upper body. Although seen as the ‘perfect’ figure, the wrong clothes can really be wrong…

What to wear?

Show off your waist and curves with wraparound tops and skirts, well-fitting tops, fitted jackets, pencil skirts and tops or dresses with pleated waists. Strappy sandals and high heels just help to accentuate those curves! There’s not much you can’t wear, just steer clear of shapeless and loose garments.

Swimwear For Slim Shape

If your pelvis and shoulders are on perfect alignment, and you (usually) have a small bone structure, then you are what the experts (us) call ‘slim’. You have slender arms and legs, put on weight AND lose it easily, have a defined jawline and have a relatively flat bum.

What to wear?

You can wear ALL hipster clothes and look fab. In fact there’s lots you can wear; tapered trousers, baggy jeans, low waisted ANYTHING, long skirts, pencil skirts, balloon tops, wide stripes, leather jackets, high neck tops – the list goes on…SO – what not to wear? DEFINITELY no skinny tops or skin-tight dresses, and stay away from big floral prints!

Which swimwear to wear?

All women are individual, with different body types and shapes. So where do you start with swimwear? This is where Melanie and her expert team at Beach and Body come in. Their style advice and knowledge will ensure that you choose the correct swimwear for your sunny getaway.