Dive into Watercult...

floral twist

Explore one of our new 2016 brands, Watercult. Dive in and find out more…!


Watercult is a beautiful swimwear brand that hails from Germany. It was created with summer in mind and with the aim of inspiring people with the beachwear they need for the sunny side of life.

All of Watercult’s designs are ‘Mix and Match’, allowing the wearer to create their own bikini set, complementing it with a matching cover up, sarong or an accessory. They believe that you choose best!

In creating a variety of summer essentials (and non-essentials!), Watercult combines craftsmanship with pretty fabrics and clever design. Their aim is to express their pretty fabrics and gorgeous design through every bikini, swimsuit or sarong that they create.

Beach and Body love two of Watercult’s designs particularly; Floral Twist and Botanical Beach, and are very excited to have these two in the boutique.

Botanical Beach takes you into the tropical gardens of paradise  - the style is inspired by typical ‘retro’ plants of past decades, with the very attractive philodendron leaves taking centre stage. Bright aqua in one of the strong trend colours of summer 2016, and as a background to bright roses, orchids, lilies and philodendron leaves gives a magical colourful feel.

Floral Twist is a real summer fresh design that encapsulates light, high-summer themes. The print is vibrant and colourful in an abstract wide brushstrokes over a bright summery white. The print itself shines brightly when faced with a backdrop of bright light, hues of blue waters and sandy shores. With delicate ruching, small golden zips and small enamelled tiles, Floral Twist is everything summer swimwear needs to stand out from the crowd.

Everyone has loved Watercult so far, especially us who are continuously surprised at the fantastic fit of their pieces. We’re so impressed that we are about to order for 2017 and can’t wait to see Watercult’s new collections!