New Year's Resolutions - and sticking to them!

b_200_0_16777215_00___images_BLOG_images_lise-charmel-oiseaux-bali-chemise-asa2176.jpgDid you make a New Year’s resolution when the clock struck midnight? Many of us would have made a resolution (again) to really shift those pounds and welcome a bikini body, ready for our summer holiday.

Studies show that of all of us that make a resolution for the coming year, only 40 to 60 percent will actually stick with that resolution. Worse than that, only 30 percent will actually continue with their resolution after 14 days.

So how can you make sure that you stick to yours? Here are some helpful pointers to sticking with that bikini body plan…

One change at a time

Rather than planning to fit into a size 8 by June, break your changes down into smaller manageable bite-size (excuse the pun) pieces. Focus on one single resolution at a time. You energies won’t be spread too thinly and you can give each single one all of your attention. Joining a gym, vowing to go every day, signing up to loads of classes and trying a diet? Join the gym first, then concentrate on the rest…

Write down your resolution plan

Writing down your resolutions means that you can’t forget what you had planned, and means you can’t cheat yourself! Once you have decided on your specific goals, write a good list. Perhaps make a ‘contract’ with yourself stating what you plan to do – make it official with a signature! Studies show that writing down your plans creates a better connection with your ‘doing’ self and your thinking self. This also makes your resolutions more of a reality, instead of just an idea in your head. Bikini body here we come…

Get some support

Every goal is easier when you have some help. Tell loved ones and friends about your resolution. They will keep you focused on your goals and provide you with support when you feel less motivated. Perhaps join a local group with others who have the same goal: a local running group, a slimming group or even a fitness class. Not only will others motivate you, but they can be there to discuss your similar goals, and can even become new friends!

Celebrate your success

You must celebrate your successes, but remember that these celebrations shouldn’t go against the successes themselves. This means that if you are celebrating weight loss or a training schedule or even completing a running race, try not to have a high-calorie blow out meal! How about treating yourself to a spa day, tickets to a show that you would love to go to, or maybe that new pair of shoes that you have had your eye on?

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