Lise Charmel Swimwear – Antigel Collection

Lise Charmel la mille petales5Lise Charmel is a bright, beautiful and glamorous swimwear brand.

Established more than half a century ago, this French luxury lingerie brand was born in Lyon, the silk capital of Europe. Lise Charmel gathered inspiration from the finest French and Italian art, designing corsetry, lingerie and now swimwear with a passion for excellence and high-end luxury. The lingerie designs in satin, silk, guipure and Calais lace are at the highest of haute couture.

Lise Charmel’s ‘Antigel’ swimwear collection is as chic as its lingerie; the designs are bright and colourful, with a nod to the historical lace of their established French lingerie brand. 2015 sees four main collections: La Miss Dentelle, a block colour range with a hint of a lace design. Second is L’Estivale Chic, bright and summery primary colours that look sleek in clear, turquoise waters. Third is La Sporty Naiade, with monochrome edgings and structured halternecks for fun by the beach. Fourth is La Summer Antigel, a fabulous collection of matching summer beach clothing, to be worn with or without swimwear.

The Lise Charmel Swimwear collection 2016 highlights the contours of the woman’s silhouette. For those with a youthful, elegant and rebellious spirit, Lise Charmel’s ANTIGEL beach pieces are set in deep summer hues, from deep indigo spiked with sunny yellow, to an Amazon green with a fresh orchid pink. Luminous colours for ladies that are utterly glamorous!