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Sunglasses to suit your face shape

Read more...You’ve booked your holiday in the sunshine, you’ve even invested in a new swimwear wardrobe to look fabulous on the beach and by the pool. There’s just one very important item that will finish the look perfectly...


Prepare your skin for winter sun with DIY face masks...

Read more...Winter sun getaways. They’re great aren’t they? Something for us to look forward to in those seemingly never ending cold winter months.

But as great as they are, there are many things for us girls to remember when preparing for a holiday – and even more in the winter than a summer break! In the summer months, holiday clothes, swimwear and accessories are easily accessible, and we are all primed for the summer sun with moisturized skin, hair plucked, exfoliated skin and manicured nails looking perfect.

But in winter, it’s a little difficult.  We haven’t seen the sun for months, let alone managed to exfoliate. Hair and faces have been hidden underneath big hats, so it’s a shock when we have to expose our cheeks to the bright sunshine.

There are easy and effective ways of priming your skin – and all using items from our kitchen cupboards! Here are some fantastic DIY face masks…

With wine you’ll be fine!

Ingredients: 1 glass of red wine, half a glass of kaolin clay (sold at health food shops), 2 tablespoons grapeseed oil, 1 tablespoon organic oat flour (also at health food shops).

Method: Combine all ingredients. Apply to the face, neck and décolletage. Rinse with warm water after 10 minutes.

The benefits: Resveratrol, the powerful antioxidant in wine has been said to repair sun damage. Kaolin clay draws out impurities, the grapeseed oil moisturises and the oat flour gently exfoliates.

Berry hydrating facial

Ingredients: 10 fresh strawberries, ¼ cup bee pollen (sold at health food shops), 3 tablespoons raw honey (also at health food shops). 1 tablespoon olive oil mayonnaise and a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Method: Combine all ingredients. Apply to the face, avoiding the eye area. Relax for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

The benefits: Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and also contain alpha hydroxy acids, that exfoliate the skin, as does the bee pollen granules. The olive oil moisturises while the mayonnaise softens the skin. The lavender is purely for aromatherapy.

A beer brightener

Ingredients: 1 egg white, half a glass of beer (yes really!), and 2 teaspoons of fresh lime juice.

Method: Combine the egg white, beer and the lime juice. Apply to the face. After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Benefits: Beer is a soothing cleanser and contains vitamin B, hops, saccharides and yeast, which help to dissolve dead cells and increase the skin’s luminosity. When mixed with egg white, the yeast in the beer creates a filmy mask that hydrates and improves the elasticity of the skin. A dash of lime is a source of vitamin C, helping to clear pores and fade brown spots.

Tessy swimwear at Beach and Body

Now your skin is bright and looking fresh, what better way to celebrate than treating yourself to some beautiful swimwear for your getaway?

With bold and bold colours, Tessy is a new brand from designer Roidal, one of the most exclusive swimear brands in the world.

Produced in soft luxury fabrics, the cut and finish of the Tessy pieces are extremely flattering. This gorgeous brand hails from Spain, and is extremely on-trend with this year’s floral fabulousness.

The great news about Tessy is that our Beach and Body beauties can mix and match their full swimwear outfits – we have loads of choices! Bandeau bikinis or soft cup bikinis for a full bust, two styles of pant – classic brief or tie side pant, and matching sarongs or kaftans!

New Year's Resolutions - and sticking to them!

Read more...Did you make a New Year’s resolution when the clock struck midnight? Many of us would have made a resolution (again) to really shift those pounds and welcome a bikini body, ready for our summer holiday.

Studies show that of all of us that make a resolution for the coming year, only 40 to 60 percent will actually stick with that resolution. Worse than that, only 30 percent will actually continue with their resolution after 14 days.

So how can you make sure that you stick to yours? Here are some helpful pointers to sticking with that bikini body plan…

One change at a time

Rather than planning to fit into a size 8 by June, break your changes down into smaller manageable bite-size (excuse the pun) pieces. Focus on one single resolution at a time. You energies won’t be spread too thinly and you can give each single one all of your attention. Joining a gym, vowing to go every day, signing up to loads of classes and trying a diet? Join the gym first, then concentrate on the rest…

Write down your resolution plan

Writing down your resolutions means that you can’t forget what you had planned, and means you can’t cheat yourself! Once you have decided on your specific goals, write a good list. Perhaps make a ‘contract’ with yourself stating what you plan to do – make it official with a signature! Studies show that writing down your plans creates a better connection with your ‘doing’ self and your thinking self. This also makes your resolutions more of a reality, instead of just an idea in your head. Bikini body here we come…

Get some support

Every goal is easier when you have some help. Tell loved ones and friends about your resolution. They will keep you focused on your goals and provide you with support when you feel less motivated. Perhaps join a local group with others who have the same goal: a local running group, a slimming group or even a fitness class. Not only will others motivate you, but they can be there to discuss your similar goals, and can even become new friends!

Celebrate your success

You must celebrate your successes, but remember that these celebrations shouldn’t go against the successes themselves. This means that if you are celebrating weight loss or a training schedule or even completing a running race, try not to have a high-calorie blow out meal! How about treating yourself to a spa day, tickets to a show that you would love to go to, or maybe that new pair of shoes that you have had your eye on?

Swimwear by Beach and Body

If your new year’s resolution is to feel fab for your fantastic holiday, why don’t make your celebratory treat AND your goal some spectacular swimwear?

One of our favourite swimwear brands, Lise Charmel, offers a wonderful range, Oiseaux Bali. Specialising in cup sizes to perfectly match your figure and size. The swimwear and accessories come in bright and beautiful designs, with matching pareos, beach dresses and pool cover-ups. Choose your perfect two-piece and wow the others at the pool or on your Caribbean cruise!

Visit Beach and Body today to see our collection of Lise Charmel and other beautiful swimwear brands to suit every figure.

Lise Charmel Swimwear – Antigel Collection

Read more...Lise Charmel is a bright, beautiful and glamorous swimwear brand.

Established more than half a century ago, this French luxury lingerie brand was born in Lyon, the silk capital of Europe. Lise Charmel gathered inspiration from the finest French and Italian art, designing corsetry, lingerie and now swimwear with a passion for excellence and high-end luxury. The lingerie designs in satin, silk, guipure and Calais lace are at the highest of haute couture.

Lise Charmel’s ‘Antigel’ swimwear collection is as chic as its lingerie; the designs are bright and colourful, with a nod to the historical lace of their established French lingerie brand. 2015 sees four main collections: La Miss Dentelle, a block colour range with a hint of a lace design. Second is L’Estivale Chic, bright and summery primary colours that look sleek in clear, turquoise waters. Third is La Sporty Naiade, with monochrome edgings and structured halternecks for fun by the beach. Fourth is La Summer Antigel, a fabulous collection of matching summer beach clothing, to be worn with or without swimwear.

The Lise Charmel Swimwear collection 2016 highlights the contours of the woman’s silhouette. For those with a youthful, elegant and rebellious spirit, Lise Charmel’s ANTIGEL beach pieces are set in deep summer hues, from deep indigo spiked with sunny yellow, to an Amazon green with a fresh orchid pink. Luminous colours for ladies that are utterly glamorous!

Ladies Night! 25th June...



Join us for a fabulous ladies night at The West Hants Club on 25th June! With fashion shows from Beach and Body and Katie's Closet, FREE 30-minute makeovers, advice from Scissors Westbourne, a FREE cocktail on arrival and entertainment from the BEST George Michael impersonator Rob Lamberti, you do NOT want to miss out! Call 01202 519455 to book your ticket - proceeds go to Youth Cancer Trust.


Prima Donna Collection

Read more...Beach and Body loves Prima Donna, a German swimwear brand that celebrates women’s curves, was founded in 1865 by Salomon Lindauer.

Originally positioned in the market as a specialist corsetry brand, the company conquered Europe as a lingerie brand for ‘well-to-do ladies who value luxury and beauty’.

In 1950, Prime Donna introduced innovative fabrics such as nylon and Lycra, making their pieces extremely popular and ahead of their time! In 1955, Prima Donna had already celebrated their 90th birthday, and by the time the 1970s thin look became popular (headed by model Twiggy), Prima Donna stuck to its values and promoted itself as a fashionable brand for curvaceous ladies.

In 1997, Prima Donna unveiled its first ‘H’ cup, and has since continued to produce fuller cups for natural curves.

The collection of swimwear and bikinis ensure ultimate support, with full cups and fantastic structure.

Their ‘RIVIERA’ range offers subtle golden edging, chic draping and golden rings to add that luxury finishing touch. These ever-so-subtle features ensure you look radiant on the beach or by the pool, and whether you choose a swimsuit or bikini – both give fantastic support, and the asymmetrical shape-wear bathing suit creates an ever-so feminine waist.

The ‘PUERTO RICO’ style has a very flattering style with its seamless stripes and the subtle yet chic golden pieces of fabric work together, to create a slimmer silhouette. This series is so elegant, with such sturdy support for your breasts that it almost seems to good for the beach!

Look and feel elegant on and off the beach with colour combinations from Prima Donna, that flatter every skin type and create a simply stylish swimwear look on your sunshine getaway.

Sea, sun and Seafolly!


Seafolly is a gorgeous colourful swimwear brand hailing from the sunny shores of Australia. It has become one of the most recognised names in swimwear and beach lifestyle and is popular among women around the world.

Founder Peter Halas moved from Hungary to Sydney in 1956 and in 1960 married Australian Yvonne. Together they established Seafolly in 1975. Peter says of the brand:

"Seafolly was the first to introduce aerobic wear to Australia when the Jane Fonda exercise first began. We were the first to offer - and successfully sell - the new type of leotards and leggings."

Seafolly soon became popular in Australia because of its bright colours, streamline shapes and beautiful beach clothing and accessories. The swimwear brand is to date the largest in Australia.

A family company through and through, Peter's son Anthony joined in 1996 when the family also owned many other private clothing labels. When Anthony took over as Managing Director in 1998, it was decided that they would close down all except the Seafolly. The strategy paid off, because 13 years later Seafolly had grown 14 times bigger.

By 2011 Seafolly had 25 stores across Australia and was an international brand, with opening stores in Singapore, and looking for ongoing opportunities around the world.

They had international sales to all parts of Europe, Scandinavia, USA, the Far East and was continually growing. Seafolly's world domination started in 2013, when the Australian brand opened its first USA store in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, California.

Seafolly is now stocked in all major fashion department stores and luxury swimwear boutiques. At Beach and Body we are proud to be a Seafolly stockist, allowing us to bring such beautiful swimwear to the women on the south coast.

The brand's philosophy is 'Seafolly believes life is for living!' and this is reflected in their fun and innovative range of swim and lifestyle wear.

Seafolly ladies look forward to beach holidays and summer escapes. Why shouldn't they look forward to wearing some fabulous swimwear, beach clothing and accessories too?

From Seafolly, to Bella Rose, Kabuki Bloom and Miami, all Seafolly collections are bright, bold statement prints, with contrasting textures and eclectic colour mixes that reflect the Seafolly philosophy.

Come and experience the gorgeous swimwear at Beach and Body and experience the luminous world of Seafolly for yourself.

Life is for living!

Sensational Seafolly at Beach and Body...

Read more...Seafolly is a bold, colourful brand hailing from Australia. It is a really fun label and we love that they really experiment with their colours and prints.

They have a huge choice of shapes and sizes. Seafolly pieces are finished really well, in exquisite fabrics and therefore give the swimsuits excellent longevity.

One of the benefits of Seafolly pieces is that their range of prints come in all different shapes and sizes so that is very easy to mix and match outfits. You could have a bandeau bikini top with a larger pant, or a smaller pant with a tankini top, the choice is yours – and there are lots of choices with Seafolly!

The Seafolly colours are the talking point of the brand. Come and visit the boutique and try on a few of their bold, bright swimsuits or bikinis. You will fall in love with them – as we did.

Sunflair swimwear at Beach and Body

Read more...Sunflair is an influential swimwear label for Beach and Body, as it is the first brand that first caught our eye when we started selling swimwear in 2007 – and our partnership with Sunflair has grown and grown!

Sunflair swimsuits are very comfortable with a fantastic fit – the cut of their swimwear fits all shapes, sizes and ages. Also available are matching accessories, skirts, dresses, kaftans and pareos to fuse together and create some fabulous holiday outfits.

All Sunflair swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis come in all cup sizes and are very popular because some are longer in the body than other labels, which is extremely flattering for all figures.

We often recommend Sunflair tankinis. They are very beautiful and great for someone who doesn’t think that they would feel comfortable in a bikini but is not ready to wear a one-piece just yet. Because of the construction of the tankini, with its great support for the bust, you can also wear the tankini as part of an outfit – a beautiful vest top for day or evening.

Sunflair is an incredible range of beautiful swimwear for the perfect holiday outfits!